About the Website
This website was created  to share and inspire you to develop a relationship of Peace with all
things, creating your own spiritual experiences.  It was created to awaken you to search,
seek, and explore the endless realms of awareness in your innermost place, and uniqueness of
being, spiraling toward spiritual perfection connecting with the Heart of the Great Mother.

This website was also created because the wildness, the peaceful solitude of the wilderness is
disappearing by those whose greed is overriding and overtaking all in its path.  I wanted to
express my journey in a voice with the Spirit Mother and Her many faces and expressions
before they are seen no more in the manifestation as we know it.  And perhaps, to bring about
a change and get more people involved and interested in healing, and loving Her.  And,
maybe, thoughts of Love expressed by those who Love Her, respect Her and wish Her well
being, will be read by those who want to remember.

What you read within these pages, is but one ever spiraling vision journey. It is the seen and
unseen through the eyes of my own uniqueness of soul, my vibrational imprint on the web of
life dedicated to and for the benefit of all.  It is my experience, therefore, it is a part of
knowing the same Mind within us all. 

The experience of being nurtured at the breast of our Mother, our Spirit Mother and our Earth
Mother is the greatest experience of Love one will have ever known.  It is the experience of
touching, tender moments in the arms of the Great Mother and the teachings She offers every
day to 'grow us' into spiritual adulthood.  To miss this opportunity, one will have missed an
opportunity that teaches a Great Peace and Knowing, and becoming an expression of the
understanding of Beauty. Everything  that is in the world of matter has a face in the spiritual
one.  The living world of matter is an extension of the spiritual world, a manifestation of spirit
beings.  As above, so below. As below, so above.

The Earth Mother shows us the many faces of Her children.  May we open our eyes and see
what is within us and around us. May we awaken with eyes and hearts toward Love, Peace
and Joy toward one another, and our Mother, the Earth and all her children. We are not
alone, for the unnumbered faces of our brothers and sisters, seen and unseen, are watching,
and waiting the outcome of their destiny also. Our Mother the Earth has given us life. Let us
be thankful for the opportunity to be a human being, an opportunity to manifest the spiritual
natures of our Sacred Mother.

This website is but one expression of my journey toward spiritual adulthood. It is my spiritual
experience seen through the spirit eyes of my soul.

It is my hope that each of you will find the Path of Great Peace,  and manifest it in your well
being in Love, Peace, and all good things for the benefit of all beings.
Chyenne Morning Star
I have been asked why I chose to design this website with so much black. There are several reasons, but primarily because black is the ancient color of the Feminine.  It is the color of the Void, the Stillness from which all things come and the presence of all colors.  My writings are dedicated to all things Feminine. My Ancient Grandmother Light, the Sun Mother, my Earth Mother, all Mothers and my own Mother, too.  

We, the Feminine, the Women, are the nurturers.  It is part of our Spiritual DNA. The Feminine is Love and Compassion, Caring, Giving, Peace and Harmony. It is the Beauty Way.  It is the Ancient Way.  It is the Feminine Way.

And out of the womb of the Darkness, comes infinite Light.  Out of the Darkness, out of Stillness, comes great Light and Creative force. And it is into the Darkness of introspection that we go to find out who we are and who we are not, shining Light on the shadows of our souls to illuminate the Truth.   Light and Darkness create balance. Light and Darkness create Love, Life, Living and Creative expression.  Light and Darkness create perfection and balance giving birth to all colors of life.

It is for these reasons I create using the colors Black and White.
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How to Live in Peace and Harmony
Good morning, Our Mother the Earth, how beautiful You are this lovely day,

There are infinite beings who love You and Your children very much. So on this day, we all gather together and send You thoughts of Love, Peace, and Well-being. May You be loved, honored, protected and cared for. May You be blessed with Love, Peace, and Gratitude for blessing us with Your beauty. And always, may You be beautiful. As our thoughts weave together in prayer for You, may they create a lovely sound, singing for You and all things.

We will never stop loving You. We are born of You. You are our Mother and we thank you for giving life to all of us.

Peace, Our Mother the Earth,

Although there are many Earth-like planets, there has been or never will be another Earth Planet exactly like this One. From the moment She dreamed, thought Herself into manifestation, She was Unique. And it is because of the way She came to be that has made Her so.

From the moment of Her dreaming and thought of Herself, the energy imprints and blueprints of Her Physical Being, Feeling Being, and Thought Being were created, made at precise electromagnetic energetic moments.

And that is the case for all living beings on this Beautiful Planet. We are all unique and the moment of  our each individual creation is ours and ours alone, When you were created, there is no other you. You are unique and beautiful as She is unique and beautiful.

There is no other like Her. And I am happy about that. Uniqueness is fascinating and uncommon. If everything was the same, it would be boring and commonplace. So how blessed and fortunate we are to have such an environment in which to grow, dream, co-create with Her, evolving into spiritual perfection in Beauty and Peace. This is a beautiful thing.