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What is shared here is what I have learned through intuitive experience about  
establishing a foundation of Spirituality, Peace, Love and Balance in one’s life, the  
Sacredness of all things and how to create that Sacred Space so others can grow,  
evolve spiritually for the benefit of all beings.   As one learns to do these things for  
oneself, all beings in all worlds are blessed.

We are ever spiraling on our journeys of evolution and involution, each in our individual  
stages of development.  No one better, higher, lower, more spiritual - just at different  
stages of spiritual growth. We are all One moving toward restoring balance, and  
becoming our true nature of luminous being. We are remembering. We are waking,  
yawning and stretching into Life.
A nation is not defeated until the hearts of its Women are on the ground.                                                                              Cheyenne proverb
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Sacred Space Journal
Spirit to Spirit
All My Relations
Stone People
The Grandmother Tree
Just for an Hour
Living in Peace and Harmony
For Good Medicine Society lessons go to www.goodmedicinesociety.com  All Good Medicine Society courses are based on material spoken, written, and taught by Eli Gatoga (Cherokee, 1916-1983), who dedicated his life to teaching others how to search for and apply Good Medicine to all aspects of their lives. His wife, Alloday, and others who support his efforts, continue the school he founded.

Each course consists of a series of lessons that are accompanied by a list of questions. Students are asked to spend at least one week on each lesson, to give them time to absorb the concepts presented, and observe how the lesson pertains to their personal lives. Students then send in their answers and a teacher will review and return them with comments. The eight-lesson introductory online course, (pdf files) includes teacher review.

This is a wonderful introductory course for helping you to create a positive thought life and understanding of the relatedness and oneness of all things.
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I have provided a link to read the book online.  Just click on the above link. 
How to Live in Peace and Harmony
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In the older days, the Medicine People of the village were cared for by the People.  There was an exchange between the Medicine Person and the one or ones who were being helped. The offering brought to the Medicine Person was to appease the spirits that were causing the affliction. The offering was taken by the Medicine Person in that light, and then given to another in need. It was not payment to the Medicine Person for performing a service. The Old Medicine People knew of their gifts and their calling to help others. The People valued their leaders and made sure they were taken care of, the basic necessities met because the tribe needed the valuable gifts and talents of the Medicine Person.  The Medicine People were taken care of because of their contributions to the Whole. Everyone shared their gifts and talents.  It was the perfect balance of exchange of energies. This is why I do not believe in charging for spiritual services. I know this idea will make a lot of people mad but this is what I believe to be the Right Relationship between all involved.

There are several schools of thought on charging money for the exchange of spiritual work or information, one being that unless the human mind puts a value on something, it isn't worth anything, so a fee is attached to the services. 

Another school of thought is that it should be provided free to anyone who seeks spiritual understanding and the spiritual progression of the consciousness. I agree with this thought. Spirituality cannot be bought.

And still another way is going inward, and learning on one's own, from spiritual experiences and dialogue with the Great Mother/Father.  This is the way I have learned and progressed, and my preference. Ultimately, it comes down to that each is responsible for her/his own spiritual advancement.

However, what I do know and the insight of experience, I share what I have gathered as Sacred and wisdom over my 60+ years, free of charge. It is up to you whether you give in return thoughts and actions of Peace, Love and Well-being for the benefit of all, and continue your spiritual journey to perfection of consciousness. 

In closing, I would like to say something here about my DNA heritage.  My maternal grandmother was  Cherokee.  Her father's name was Jaqui. During the relocation, like many from North Carolina, they left the People and settled into the mountains of Kentucky.  My grandmother did not speak of her Indian heritage until I was in my adult years, so I do not know very much. When she was a little girl, she was told not to speak of her Indian heritage because at one time there was a bounty on their heads, and so she didn't.  I have not had the benefit and gifts of traditional training or teaching. I am not claiming to be something I am not. However, I express myself in terms of Love, Peace and Respect for all life, and have a great love for the Great Mother, my Mother the Earth and Her children, which to me, is very Indian - actually, it  is universal in that all spiritual systems teach Love, Peace and Respect. It is innate within us to want such a state of being.  What matters, is spiritually evolving into maturity expressing the Light, and what we express toward all beings, and all that live in the planetary family - all beings created by the Great Mother Light and Great Father Light in their likeness.  What matters is Love for the Great Light, our Mother the Earth and Her children, one another, living in peace and harmony for the benefit of all beings.
What I Have Learned I Share Free of Charge
A Great Course For A Foundation Of The Relatedness of All Things