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About the Author
I came to be on this Planet in the month of the Snow Moon of the Cherokee Calendar on Christmas Eve. Although I am a true Nature Soul, born of the Earth Mother, for Her and by Her, I was born under the ray of the Morning Star. When my mother was in the hospital the morning I was birthed into matter form, she looked out her window and saw a Christmas Tree someone had placed on the surface of a flat roof across the street.  Crowning the top of the Tree was the Morning Star.  When I was born, my name was given to me by my Spiritual Mother, and made manifest through my physical parents.  My father gave me one name (Cheyenne - I changed the spelling when I was old enough to write  to Chyenne simply because I thought it was a more feminine form) and my mother the other name (Morning Star), neither one realizing that both names meant the same thing (the Cheyenne were known as the Morning Star people) and this naming was marked with a sign by the Sacred Mother. So, my destiny is in my name. Chyenne Morning Star is my name in the Physical World.
In 2008 I came across a photo that just sang to me. It sang the song of my coming to be the day I was born. Although the tree is not on a rooftop in a little town, it is the closest thing I have ever seen of what my mother saw out of her hospital window the morning I was born.

I would like to thank Jimmy Westlake for being in the right place at the right time to capture such a moment that would many years later (59 years after my birth) bring as close a representation of the image my mother saw that Christmas Eve morning.
Photo by Jimmy Westlake