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All My Relations
Everything has a voice.  Sometimes there will be a single voice, wanting to express itself, wanting to be heard and wanting to teach us something.  And sometimes it will be all talking at once, many voices chattering in the Sunshine or blending with the Wind.  And there are times when they just want to sing because of their gratitude to Sacred Mother and Great Father. 

On one such day, I went to the River not far from the house. I make many trips there, because it is a Sacred place and one of my favorite places. A meeting I had scheduled for that morning was cancelled enabling me the time to go. It was one of the most perfect days, sunny, cool, autumn colors brilliant. After greeting Mother of Light and all my relatives, I sat down and watched and waited. A Bald Eagle flew overhead and four deer came to drink from the River.

As I looked across the River, the cliffs and their reflection began to tell a story. As I watched this story emerging, I was in a space in time of no space and time. The images of this revealing were living, talking.  I was told to record the images with my camera. Having done so, in an instant, when I blinked, they were hidden once again. There was a revealing of the Ancient so Sacred it is
hard for me to talk about - I am still in that ‘space’. There are those who will not see or understand, and yet there are those who will read and know their story. And in these images, it is ever reminding us of as above so below and as below so above.  Spirit reflecting, manifesting Physical to create a wholeness, a completeness.  And Physical reflecting Spiritual creating Oneness.

I am told the symbolism of the designs and the patterns here are infinite.  There are stories within stories. Everyone will see something different, adding depth and completeness to this ever unfolding information.

This was a great gift and I am honored to have been part of its giving.

The photos are of the same scene, same time, same day.  The images appear and simply disappear.  Explanation is not necessary, the story is in the images.
The Stone People
The Stones. The Stones are the breath and thoughts of the Ancients. They contain their breathing - living breath and words solidified. Some people are fascinated with stones because intuitively they know of the knowledge the Stone people hold and are seeking. Some who also know this are driven by the darkness by digging and destroying and covering. This is taking place on higher levels and manifests in the physical. The darkness seeks to destroy the breath and spiritual thoughts of the Ancients, still. But the Stone People are awakening and will light the way for those seeking. They are speaking a language that has not been heard for millions of years. The Stone People are talking. Listen.
Photos by Chyenne Morning Star
Photo has been rotated vertically to better see the images
There are so many images and stories here that bespeak of ancient times and ancient beings.
And then in a matter of a moment, they disappeared
Photo by Chyenne Morning Star
Photo by Chyenne Morning Star
This is the female, the Grandmother Stone image.
Can you see Her face and heart?
This is the male, The Grandfather Stone image.  Can you see His face?
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