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When the Earth Mother goes through any change, we all change for we are part of Her and She is part of us.  And in the midst of that change, we must find a  sense of peace and balance, remaining in a peaceful state so we can not only help the Great Mother and all her children, but ourselves and each other.  Everyone, this is not going to be an easy time in the midst of the Earth changes coming.  It is not going to be easy to stabilize the emotions/thoughts during a time of such chaos and confusion. So, how do we do this? How do we create, and remain calm, balanced and live in peace and harmony when everything is in a state of chaos and turmoil?  How did we get here?

We got here by disrespecting, and disconnecting our consciousness - though in truth, we are still connected - but we have forgotten our relationship with our Mother, the Earth and one another. When we started getting away from interdependency with Her and all Her expressions, when we started becoming so technically minded in our thoughts and actions, we forgot our innate state of being of luminosity interacting with all in a peaceful, harmonious and loving way. We forgot how to sit on the Earth and listen to Her, allow Her to heal us, soothe our spirits and strengthen us and cleanse us. We have forgotten how to give back to Her and one another. We have forgotten our kinship with all of life and how we affect each other.   We closed our eyes, ears, and hearts from perceiving the Beauty of What Is.  When we became greedy, thoughtless and careless about what affects Her body and how to live in Peace and Harmony with Her and each other, we became hard in spirit and in mind. For the Spirit of the Earth, Her heart is a softening influence on the hardness of what we have made of life. If we cannot care for the living and growing things, how can we care for one another and all beings in the planetary family? 

So, as we travel this path we have created with our own thoughts, toward transformation and renewal, how shall we get through the coming changes?  By changing ourselves. By changing our thoughts. By changing our actions. By changing our hearts.  Changing them into those that are Harmonious and create Peace, Love and Respect for the benefit of all.

First, one must want to live in Peace and Harmony with all beings and start with oneself. We must live in Peace and Harmony within ourselves before we can live in Peace and Harmony with others. Peace first begins in our thought life. When we do, it radiates from within outward, blessing all. Second, one must think with the Heart Mind (Love), bringing the Mind and Heart into harmony. Third, there must be harmony in an outward expression of will, heart and action.

To live in Peace and Harmony, one changes the mind, the thoughts to those that would benefit all the planetary family. It is an act of intent, will. Instead of thoughts of anger, hatred, prejudice, greed, dominance or control over others, including our Mother, the Earth, one replaces those thoughts with Compassion, generosity, non-judgment, and thoughts for the benefit of all and expresses these loving thoughts in action toward every living being.  This includes our planetary family, humanity, our Mother, the Earth and all her infinite children of expression. To begin, the "I" must become "we." All thoughts must be of those that will benefit all. Seek your gifts to manifest for the benefit of the whole. Ask yourself why you chose to incarnate at this particular time in our planetary history and how you can use those gifts to help and contribute to the well being of all.

Through meditation, prayer -one can change the thoughts, heart, and actions for the well being of all. But it is something that when one chooses to do, it takes practice, diligence and discipline. All the books, teachers, and information on the web, do not take the place of 'doing.' It is weaving within the web of life that we grow, mature into adulthood. It is spiritual transformation, and it is an individual art as well as a universal one. Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual growth, and the care taking of our Mother, the Earth and all our relations. We have a spiritual duty to contribute to the Peace, and well being of all for the now and future generations.

Everyone is under a tremendous amount of stress at this time. But if one doesn't control the wild mind now, how difficult will it be when we are in the midst of change? It is a lot easier to tie a boat down before the hurricane arrives than to try to secure it in gale force winds. We can choose to change the thoughts to those of Peace and Harmony and well being for others, or not. It is our choice. Our survival, our spiritual progression depends on it.

It is simple, yet profound. It is easy, yet difficult. We create our world, by our thoughts. We can create a world of Peace, Compassion, Harmony and Joy by our Will, Heart and Action. It is that simple. The difficult part is disciplining the mind, heart and actions so they will manifest our true nature - one of Light.

If you don't think this is difficult, try this little experiment. For a month, think only good, positive thoughts and speak only positive things. Every time a negative thought or word comes up, replace it with something positive. Keep a record of how many times you have to do this and you will be amazed at the pattern of your mind.

So, the first step is to
desire to live in Peace and Harmony with all beings.  Second, start with oneself, calm the mind through meditation, and thinking thoughts that would promote healing, well being of others and our Mother, the Earth. Repetition will anchor this in your consciousness, and become a reality. As the desire and thoughts for Peace and Harmony grow as seeds in the spiritual soil of your being, so grows the Compassion. Thoughts of Peace and Compassion grow and begin to become so full, they must seek outward expression.

People have been saying these same things for thousands of years. Yet the masses do not listen. It is time to wake up. It is time to change. It is a half passed time to wake up. Time is short, let us not waste it. We are already, and have been in the transition toward the coming changes. There are many things taking place at this time, and that are coming, that are causing shifts in the subtle bodies and consciousnesses of all beings.  If the vibrations of Peace, Love, aren't raised and manifested in our minds, hearts, and actions, it is going to be very difficult for all beings and our Mother, the Earth. 

I wish you continued Peace, Health and Happiness in all you choose to do. But most of all I wish you continued spiritual growth and enlightenment that the Great Mother at this time is pouring out upon us and within us. May this Great Light within you blossom for the Beauty and benefit of all.

Chyenne Morning Star
Come, Come, Sun Mother. Enlighten us. May we enter your stream of Pure Love, Light and Mind of Peace. May we be One Mind.  One Heart.  May the embers of Compassion be recalled to life in the hearts of all the People. May we flow together in the One Stream creating something of Beauty and everlasting.  May we understand and know your Great Peace and Love, manifesting for the benefit of All.

May our hearts beat as one with the Great Mother, perpetuating the rhythm of Peace in this world and all worlds. 
How to Live in Peace and Harmony
Power without Love, Peace and intent for the well being of all has created an imbalance of immense proportion. All is out of balance. Our thoughts, actions, and emotions are creating an upheaval threatening to turn everything upside down. Without the Heart of the Great Mother, energy is used for selfish purposes, to create harm, enslave and dominate. Without the Heart of the Great Mother, there is no Peace. No Love, no Balance, only a race to the ill-gotten gain of fame, fortune and imitation of the Truth. What is the Truth? That we are luminous beings born out of Peace and Love.  It is time to remember who we are.

We started to get out of balance the moment we believed ourselves separate from the Great Mother and Her Creation, each other and began to establish dominion, control and enslavement over all beings. The balance is tipped too much toward the intellect and technology without the Heart of the Mother, creating weapons for destruction instead of using the technology for restoring balance between all living beings.  The technology exists for creating a healthy environment for all beings to continue to grow in Love, Peace and Well-being, and in some areas of the world are already being implemented for the benefit of all beings.

The intellect - what is considered the male/yang aspect of creation in its unbalanced state continues to want to dominate the innate ability of the female/yin to create, heal and nurture and perpetuate Peace.  The intellect without the Heart of the Mother controls, dominates, enslaves, destroys and makes war.  Its materialism seeks to destroy the Heart that once was in a perfect state of balance with Mind and all things lived in Peace and Harmony. It takes the Heart of the Mother to use the intellect for the benefit of all beings. Humankind is constantly trying to create in an artificial way, a mechanical way totally disregarding the consciousness of the Heart. Unless the human desire to make war, creating a world of enslavement and dominance is purified, the Heart of the Mother will not allow the Intellect to manifest through Her - she will not create unless it is out of Purity for the benefit of all beings in this world and all worlds restoring balance.  Let us use our technology to develop Peace instead of war, things that sustain and take care of our Mother the Earth instead of destroying Her. We have used our intellect without the balance of the Heart energies and have created an imbalanced world of separateness and dominance. There are two opposing desires in this present state of being. The desire to destroy, and cause pain for others, and the desire to make a better world for all beings. One is hate. The other is Love. Both ways express cause and effect - karmic patterns. One way expresses enslavement, control and dominance over others. The other way is a life of freedom, happiness and the right to spiritually mature in Peace and Love. Which world do you want to create and live in? 

So how do we come back into balance? By making manifest a world of Peace in our individual microcosms in the Great Macrocosm. How do we do that? By creating it in our thoughts, emotions and actions.  We manifest Peace by means of Peace first in the individual consciousness.

Why We Are Out Of Balance
I dream of a world of Peace with no weapons of destruction toward the environment or any living thing.  I dream of a world with no slavery, hunger, wars, suffering, or  domination over any living thing, and a world where there is no ignorance and all are enlightened.  A world where all beings live in Peace and Harmony drinking from the same well of Life, all thoughts being of one mind, of one heart, out of the Great Mind. I dream of a world where all live without fear, greed, hatred, jealousy and the desire to destroy. I dream of a world where all will live together as One, without fear of being killed, dominated, raped, or enslaved. I dream of a world where we live in harmony with our Mother the Earth, caretaking, caring, sharing and loving all things.  This world I dream of exists.  But we must manifest it in our thoughts, actions and  intent for the well being of every living thing. It is up to us.  It is time for humankind to grow up and take responsibility for creating this world of Peace.
The Brihadaranyak Upanishad says, " Man is verily formed of desire. As is his desire so is his thought. As is his thought, so is his action. As is his action so is his attainment. As he thinks, so he becomes.
It is time to clear  this web of deceit that has been woven around our Planet, our minds and our emotions. Our thought world is polluted with untruths. All things are not as they seem. Wake up. Pursue Divine Truth and it will set you free. It is fear that is paralyzing the mind keeping it from soaring into higher realms of thought.  Free the mind, free the  Self.