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A person living in tune with Nature will be aware of the Spiritual feeling that exists throughout all of Creation. She will be aware of a greater Spirit than her own that created the beauty she enjoys and listens to. She will be aware of the Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body of all things. She will be aware of Mother Earthís thoughts because all things are alive with Great Spiritís and Mother Earthís thoughts. She will be aware of the Sacred Space of all things and respect that space. As she sits with her back against one of the Tree People, she will not only trade thoughts with the Tree, she will become the Tree. She will be aware of the relatedness of all things, visible and invisible. She will be aware of the Now, the Stopping Place, and send her thoughts and prayers and gratitude to Mother and Father Light.  Her thoughts will be those of Love, Peace, Harmony, and Gratitude. She will be One with all things.
Living in Peace and Harmony
The Silence
Silence is the perfect balance of Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body. It is the place where the individual and Great Light come together in perfect harmony. Spirit to Spirit, creating calm waters (emotions) and reflecting that calmness in the physical. It is the place where we listen to what Great Spirit or Mother Earth has to say. We cannot understand the mind of the Great Mother and the Great Father if the only thing we listen to is our own thoughts. It is the place where we receive intuitive information for the benefit of healing Mother Earth, someone else, ourselves or the whole of mankind. Silence is important because it is where we sense the nuances of the energy of something. We Ďhearí what our physical ears cannot or do not. There is more truth in Silence than all of words put together. Silence does not lie. In the Silence, Great Mother and the individual dwell heart to heart in the inmost being space. It is the only place one can live in total peace and harmony. And then there will be peace everywhere.

Meditation and the Silence is a time to think about the Divine Light, Mother Earth and the Oneness of all things. It is a time for Gratitude, and Blessing all seen and unseen, Mother Earth and all our relations with Peace, Love and well-being. It is a time to think about life, why we are here and what we can do to help the whole, who we are, who we are not. Meditating on these things, brings about growth within ourselves and keeps us connected with the Source of all life. When we forget these things, we become mechanical, too technologically minded. We stop caring for the living, growing things. Then we stop caring for each other.
I have an old Websterís Dictionary that defines respect as: to show honor or esteem for, to look at, see.  Respect is ďseeingĒ that every living thing is on an individual path of progression to perfection. Respect is honoring a personís Sacred Point of View. Respect is allowing every living thing to grow in her/his own space and time. Respect is non-judgmental. Respect is not pushing oneís anger, negative thoughts or dumping problems into another living thingís sacred space.  I am very careful how I approach the living things in the forest. I always ask a Tree if I can sit with my back against her, or I carefully approach a spider or plant asking if I may look. All these things have a sacred space and to invade that space without asking is disrespectful.  Respect is honoring every living thing and acknowledging itís right to grow in love, itís own rate of progression, and freedom from fear of being killed, raped, destroyed or polluted.  Respect is allowing every living thing itís sacred space and the freedom to 'Be.'
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Living in Peace and Harmony
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