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“This valley was beautiful as it was.  Why does humankind have to destroy the life that has been here longer than they have?” said the Wind to the soul of humankind.  " Why do they take the freedom of all things to grow? To be?”

     The soul of un-enlightened mind replied, “Because I am greedy.  I want.  I have no regard for my neighbor.  I am selfish.  I want my own way.  This is my land, and I will do with it what I so please.  I will make it into a monument to myself.  I do not care about the erosion of the soil.  What is that to me?  I have no thought for the Trees, life forms or any that live here.  The only importance to me is to have what I want and to have it my way and to make money. All I care about is myself.”

     So the Wind gathered the thoughts concerning this matter of all things and carried them in her bosom to the Ancient Grandmother Light.

     “I am here to see the Ancient Grandmother Light,” she said to the Boundary Keeper.  She is known in her purpose and favored much by the Ancient Light, so she was free to make haste into Her secret chamber.

     The Ancient Grandmother Light always welcomes the Wind.  She is Her breath.  And the Ancient Light listens to her.  So the Wind opened her innermost being and the thoughts of all things made themselves known.  She petitioned the Ancient Grandmother Light.

     “I am sorry my Wind.  My Own.  It is the free will choice of humankind and their selfishness that is destroying what I have given them to protect.  There is nothing I can do.  Humankind is on a course of destruction and not enough of them will change to make a difference.  The dye is cast and its color is on the hands of man.  The heart of the Earth is beating slower.  The lifeblood is being drained from Her.  She is being taken piece by piece.  Her instinct of survival courses through her veins stirring an uprising within her.  She will not be contained much longer.  When, O man, will you save your Earthen Mother?  Or will you perish in order for Her to save Herself?”

     The Ancient Grandmother Light looked into the eyes of the Wind and spoke to her of what she must do.  A knowing of her destined purpose breathed between them.

     So the Wind bundled up the thoughts of all things, and kept them within her heartsoul until the appointed season when humankind will reap what he has sown.  A time when the thoughts of all things become the whirlwind.  And the Wind is the one who will loose it. 

     As she left, the Ancient Grandmother Light withdrew into Her hidden place.

     And wept.

                                                                                 Chyenne Morning Star

Never before was I so aware of what we have been given and how easily we can take it away.  The Earthen Mother has spread herself before us.  She has laid herself bare and at our mercy.  We have raped and disrespected Her and disregard the delicate balance of nature and Life which She so freely gives, that which we have so selfishly taken.

  I said a prayer.

     Forgive us, sweet Earth and Universe, our Mother.  We were to take care of you.  Love you.  Nurture you and respect you.  And well should we be ashamed.  For greed and selfishness are making you what you are becoming.
     Forgive us for all we have done to you, our Mother and friend, whom we have not loved and cared for.
     Forgive us.

     After this day, it was as though our Earthen Mother wanted to empty her heartspace of thoughts and feelings and I began to hear Her in the voice as our Ancient Grandmother Light.  She is the indigenous Spirit that lives in all life. That inherent, indigenous thinking that is within each of us.  It was as though She could not contain what she held within her heart any longer.  I had offered an ear to listen and Her words burst forth unencumbered.  There were days when I went to the woods and could feel Her waiting for me.  From the moment She introduced herself, I fell in love with Her.  This Old Woman of invisible time.  She has my respect and my gratitude.  Though Her words were sad, I listened to what She had to say for in Her Wisdom lives reality.
Ancient Light
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Think not that this cannot happen? It is already happening. Look around you. There are signs and warnings everywhere. These writings are meant to educate that there are more Earth changes to come.  It is a time of preparation, transformation of the individual spirit, a time to raise consciousness, a time for growing and expanding the consciousness into greater Light.  Mother Earth, a female planet is getting ready to raise Her consciousness, too. 

Though we are going to experience a very rough time, a shaking out of all the things that would hinder spiritual perfection, there will come a time when Love, Peace, Harmony and well-being will be the legacy of all. 
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