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I have been involved in environmental issues most of my adult life because of my love for our Earth  
Mother.  There have been times in my dialogue with Sacred Mother that I have been shown the  
changes coming.  A part of me didn't want to believe that invisible forces and humankind were  
capable of such violence and destruction.  And yet, I  could not deny what I was seeing.  I am very  
sensitive to energy changes, sometimes with physical manifestations of what is happening to our Earth  
Mother. There have been many Elders of many Nations who have foretold the coming Earth changes  
and how we are to get through them.  I can understand why no one wants to hear about getting  
through those changes, but one must remember, pain always precedes birthing.  All things evolve, all  
things change and the Earth changes coming are not the end of all as we perceive it  in the usual sense.  
It will be painful to watch our Earth Mother and Her children as she struggles in Her renewal, it will  
be difficult for the masses to endure the time of those changes, (and many won't), but just as we are  
trying to get somewhere in our consciousness, so is our Earth Mother.  It is coming time for Her to  
raise Her consciousness, and there must be Purification, before there can be Renewal.  All the  
changes coming are the results of the root problem of what we have created with our thoughts and  
actions.  It is time for the Purification of our thoughts, so that they will bring about Right Action,  
Healing, Peace and Harmony in the spirit of Love toward all living beings and help our Earth Mother  
and relations through this transition.  And that is what it is, transition, not the end of the world.    

For those who do not have a foundation of Peace in Heart and Mind, or know how to live with the  
Earth Mother and all Her children in a spiritual way, one of Peace, Harmony and Love, will not have  
an easy time with the coming changes.  All things have a spirit. All things are related, connected. What  
affects our Earth Mother, affects all living things because we are of Her Mind, Heart and Body.  The  
same Life Force, Life Giving Energy that flows through Her and is Her, flows through all living things,  
making us relatives.  We are all made of the same 'stuff.'  The Great Purification is coming, it is  
already here, and just as a woman's labor pains increase in intensity and frequency in the birthing  
process, so it is with our Earth Mother.  She is birthing a new, but ancient Consciousness, one of  
Love, Peace and Harmony between all living things.  Balance.  

Living here, in these beautiful mountains sometimes one can feel apart and removed from the hustle,  
bustle, and flow of man-made life, and everything unnatural. When my Ancient Mother planted my  
feet here, and their roots ran so deep into the Earth Mother, there was no thought of possibly leaving.  
I fell in love with this area and I resonated with its vibration.   

There are few places one can go anymore for peaceful and quiet reflections in the solitude of a  
wilderness. And perhaps in my innocence, tucked away in one of the most scenic and environmentally  
pure areas of the United States, the beautiful Ozark Mountains, I always thought we would be  
untouched by the same destructive environmental practices going on in other parts of the country.  But  
our world, and area as we now know it, is rapidly changing.  

We knew there was going to be a tremendous amount of gas drilling in our beloved Ozarks.  But we  
were unprepared in mind and heart for the destruction that this industry has brought. We hoped  
something would stop it, but it kept coming, growing and devouring all growing and living things in its  
path and very few came to help.  The politicians are in bed with the gas industry. There is no one here  
who cares to listen.  It has been tried by many people who are concerned with what is happening  
here. Our waters are being polluted - our drinking water source is in the worst shape it has been in  
since the lake's existence. It is a known fact that the fracking fluids used to drill these wells are highly  
toxic and carcinogenic. We are having earthquakes on a fairly regular basis - yet the 'powers that be'  
still insist it isn't because of the drilling, when it is a known geological fact that drilling causes  
earthquakes. We never had this many earthquakes until the drilling started in our area. The area is  
being destroyed and trashed by an industry that cares not for the environment or the well being of the  
people.  Arkansas is no longer the beautiful 'Natural State,' but one in distress and showing the signs  
of irreversible environmental damage. There is no way of stopping the destruction caused by this  
greedy and selfish industry.  When technology becomes a tool used for weapons of war, or  
destroying the Earth Mother and Her children motivated by greed, control and dominance over a  
people and every living thing, it creates dis-harmony and hinders the evolution and progression of all  
species to the right to spiritually mature in a place conducive to grow in a healthy, safe  environment.  
The Earth was created as a place for all species, to grow and progress into the likeness of the Great  
Mother and the Great Father.   Our Mother, the Earth, is the manifestation of a Great Spiritual Being  
as a place for humankind to learn to Love, and interact with all beings in Peace, Love, and Respect,  
perfecting our consciousness as the pure consciousness of our Parents of Great Light.  

So, what do we do?  We choose not to react in a way that would create and add dis-harmony to this  
already chaotic stream of thought blanketing the Earth Mother, sent out in waves to our Sister and  
Brother Planetary Beings.  Let us not add to the confusion and disruption of the energy of Peace and  
Harmony. This is why it is so important to create thoughts that will promote the well being of all. This  
is not something I am asking one to do that I am not doing myself. And it is unbelievably difficult when  
one is faced with this destruction only miles from one's living space on an everyday basis. This is hard  
to do. I have a relationship with every living being in these incredible Ozark Mountains. I know the  
Trees that stand like Peaceful Ancient Beings teaching us how to send our roots into the Earth Mother  
and bring up Her energy through our branches to share with the Sky World.  I know the Mother of  
the Waters and every little creek and the magnificent Stone People who reside on and in the Mother's  
great breast of life.  I know the Herb and Plant Beings that so generously share their medicine with us  
and the wildlife that plays with me during my outdoor moving meditation for the benefit of all.  My  
relationship with the Great Beings in our area is one of Peace, Love, Respect and Harmony.     And it  
is with heartbreaking observance that I watch as the greed that has overtaken our area and the  planet  
destroys the life in its path.   

We will need to be strong and steady in our emotions, and holding thought forms of Peace and  
Harmony for all our Brothers and Sisters in preparation for the coming Earth changes, and heal the  
spirits of the life that dwell within and around these sacred Mountains and all of our Mother the Earth  
and the Planetary Family.  These changes are here.  We must watch, listen and keep ourselves  
centered, focused on our purpose, holding form of Peace, manifesting the Great Peace in our hearts  
and minds and through our actions. In this way, we can help our Mother, the Earth and Her children  
in Her progression and helping Her through this time of Change. So, let us send healing to the drilling  
sites, and all the places on our Mother, the Earth that are hurting, before they cut down all the  
Standing People, move the Earth, and put up their monstrosities and monuments of pollution. Let us  
offer prayers of Love, Blessing, Peace, Healing, Remembrance to all life and bless them. Let us also  
include all beings in those blessings, for we are all related and the blessing includes that ALL beings  
will manifest peace in their hearts and live in harmony, peace and love for one another once again,  
restoring to balance. That is the thought form we must hold, envision.  We can do more for our  
Sacred Mother, Great Father, Brothers and Sisters in this way.  After the Great Purification, there will  
be Peace, Balance and Harmony once again. And in that perfect balance, there lives Love.  The Earth  
and all Her children will flourish and live with each other in the Right and Beautiful way.
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Chief Seattle said  “At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. The White man will never be alone. Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless.” 

On September 16, 2006, I had to run an errand. There is a place right on the main road that was beautiful as you drove into town, all trees, oaks and pines. It was so full of life and beauty. The man that owned the property cut every living thing. There is nothing but dust left. This is what an area looks like when they prepare for putting in a gas well. I cried when I saw it. It still hurts me to look at it. I knew on a Friday evening I was going in to town and reminded myself to take my Tobacco to do an offering and prayers of healing on the land.  I got almost to town and realized I had forgotten my offering Tobacco. I was really upset because I knew I was going to do a healing prayer for the land. Our Mother, the Earth told me to go ahead and do the healing prayer, that She wanted to show me something.  I walked out into the center of the field in the middle of town.   I offered prayers of Healing, Peace, Wellbeing.  I asked the Ancestors to help.  I told them our Earth Mother was sore where man had raped her.  I told them I was there because I loved this land, too, and asked if they would help in the healing of it.  And with my spirit eyes, I saw myself sprinkling Tobacco on the Earth.  And at that moment, I heard drumming and prayers being chanted, and saw Indians of all tribes walking on the land. They appeared in a quiet, gentle and sacred way.  And then, the most extraordinary thing happened. Each one reached into their pouches, taking out the sacred Tobacco and sprinkled it upon the Earth.  And the land was covered in blessings of Peace, Harmony and Well being. It was a moment of sacred, quiet beauty, ancient wisdom, healing power of love and truth I shall never forget. And my gratitude to the Ancient Ones, my Elders and all my relations can never be measured in mortal terms.

At that moment, I understood what Chief Seattle was saying and was part of it.   And I know that all of us who love our Earth Mother, visible and invisible, whether Red or White, or any race, walk this land in the spirit of what Chief Seattle said.  It is that spirit of Love, Caring, and Blessing that has come to bring healing to all things.  It is that spirit of Peace, Harmony, and Respect, holding those thought forms for all living things that will help everyone through the time of the Great Purification.
Just in case you are not familiar with the environmental damages of drilling for natural gas, ( I focus on this particular practice because it is what our area is dealing with and is what has brought many changes), it is a suggestion that if you know the gas industry is coming to your area to do research on the negative impact on the environment that it has.
The Coming Changes
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Environmental Changes
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How to Live in Peace and Harmony
Note:  March 3, 2010
On February 27, 2010 a magnitude 8.8 earthquake shook our Mother the Earth so much it knocked Her 3 inches off Her axis and changed time. 

This is what I am seeing. Not only did the quake affect our Mother the Earth in a significant way, the effects were also felt by the planetary family. The vibrations radiated out from the center of the quake into space and has also affected the Planet Beings and their communications with their moons, and planets. It has affected the waters, the tides, and all living beings in ways we have not yet seen. The day before the quake, I was walking in the woods, just 'being' and I sat with my back against one of my favorite Pine Trees.  I noticed it was uncannily still. No sounds of anything, no signs of anything moving, not even the wind. Even though I live in Arkansas and the quake was in Chile, this is just an example of how all things and beings are so connected that everything knows what is happening in one part of the world from another. The relatedness I am talking about is consciousness and the Great Stream in which all things flow. It was just so quiet the day before the earthquake, not the kind of quiet one sits and enjoys, but the stillness had an energy of anticipation, caution and warning.  I think this quake is very significant in the changes that are upon us and that we have only just begun to see the effects of this significant event.

My point is this.  Events like this affect us and all beings on all levels.  These events affect the subtle bodies on subtle levels, our energy bodies.   After the quake I noticed the behavior of people and some were just going chaotic. This is what I am saying about having a peaceful, stable, calm mind and loving heart. These things that are happening affect us on a vibrational level and if we are not centered and our foundations spiritually sound, there are those who are not going to get through the changes in a healthy and good way that we are now experiencing. All the negative things are being loosened up, shaken out, so to speak. Calm Mind, Peaceful Mind, Loving Mind will resonate with the vibration of the consciousness with Earth Mother and enable our subtle bodies - our minds and emotions - to handle the changes.  

“O Great Mother of the Waters.  May You be well and healthy this day. Thank you for your Life that blesses us all. We send our thoughts of love, peace, healing and gratitude to You. Gratitude for giving life to all the living and growing things, trees, birds, animals, plants and humankind.  There would be no songs to sing, love to give, or the Dance of Life on the Sacred Dance Ground of our Mother, the Earth. Thank You for healing us, comforting us and cleansing us. Thank You for causing to be and the beautiful manifestation of your matter form and sharing your gifts with us. May You be healed and made whole again, pristine and pure for the benefit of all life.  May You be blessed this day and all the days of your being.”
Blessing the Waters