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Ancient Grandmother

“I am your Ancient Grandmother.  An acorn that has dropped from the infinity tree of oaken time, carried in the womb of the soul for many generations.

     I began as a seed, within the seed, of the Tree of who you are coming to be. I am the indigenous spirit that lives in all things.  I represent your ancestors.  All those who have gone before you and those who will come after. 

     We are One with the Spirit that moves in all things.  We are One with the Earth and the Celestial unseen, the same Life flowing, pulsing with the sweetness of the undersong.  We are One with the Light and the Darkness.

     We know time as it is not.  Our hearing is that of the stillness of the Wind, and we understand her moving.  Our looking is like the stars opening in the Darkness peeking through the curtain of the night.

     We see the good-hearted and the cruel-hearted in the book of souls written with the pen of the days.  ‘It is written’…, says the Great Mystery of all Creation.

      We see your choices and how they affect each other and your environment that you were given to care for.  The voice of the Wind through the wounded atmosphere tells us of the tearing of the Earth Mother’s skin.

     For those of us coming after you, we ask, please leave us the Earthen clothing worn in the glory of the days, and the animals that play and hide in her pockets.

      Do not take her garments and expose her nakedness before our eyes.  Nor the Birds, so that we may know the music of freedom.  So too, our thoughts can ride on their wings to far away places.

      Leave us water, and air uncontaminated.  Lakes.  Streams.  Rivers.  The seas, brimming with Life.  Life that you do not see.  Life that you take for granted.  Life that is not yours, that you take without asking.  Even in the fisherman’s net our Dolphin friends tell us of the speakings of the deep as their cries of freedom are laced with forgiveness and their Love for mankind.

     Above all, leave us the legacy of Love, so we will know what it is to walk toward one another without hatred, and prejudice.

     “I am the voice of your ancestors.  Those that have gone before you, and those who are waiting to come after.

     I am your Ancient Grandmother.”
Living Being
   “The greed and attitude of some took away what the Great Mother gave all to nurture.  Their ways stole our children, homes, and tried to take our dignity.

     The Red Humankind taught  much, but there were those who did not listen.  And now that humankind has what it wants, look what they have done and are doing to their Earthen Mother.  O, man, you see, but do not care what will happen to the place you call your home.”

     If you do not turn from your wonting, there will come a time when your children will not know the way of a Tree.  They will not hear the leaves send messages to one another telegraphed on the Wind.  The Earth will not rise up around you with Her protection, nor reveal to you the treasures of knowledge stored within Her soul. 

    You feel your knowledge is higher and greater than your Earth Mother’s, but I tell you, there is Knowledge that is wiser than all.

      O human, do you not know your Mother is a living being and she is sick?  You ignore Her cries for help and take Her violently.  And in your taking, there is no giving.

     If you do not help her now, the time will come when the water will no longer tell you of times past, flowing into ending.  The mountains will not call to your eyes to behold their once strong and powerful uprising from the parquet imaginings of the Earth.  You will no longer hear the rocks tell each other the River is coming.  They will no more open themselves to receive what she offers.  There will be no Birds to take your thoughts to higher places. And no Wind to ferry you across the ocean of difficulties.  Nor Trees to stand as your friends, for they will lie asunder, like a man without his limbs.  There will be no Animals, and their souls will wait for you, to confront you with what you have done.

     You are making an enemy of your friend.  The days will come when She will turn on you and you will curse Her.  For that which you are seeding into Her, Her offspring, shall not be kind to you. 

     The eyes of all are watching you.  The seen and the unseen shall tell of the beginning.

     And the soul of man shall tell of the end.”
Spiritual Solitude
    “No one owns the Earth.  The Spirit that lives in all things does not possess it.  A friend does not place a friend in bondage.  One living thing cannot own another.  Can you own your Mother?

     The Earth Mother is not yours for the taking, but for the caretaking. 

     Humankind does not care that they smother Her breathing with black roads and man-made rocks.  Or extracts Her lifeblood for profit.  You rob Her of Her crystals, the translucent Old Ones.  And the gold running through Her veins, Her Light racing through the Darkness, you take with no remorse.  You care not that you split open your Mother’s belly laying toxic and artificial materials within Her.  She was not created to be pregnant with man-made things, destroying the Life still on its childbed.

      O human, you destroy yourself when your greed for material things and desires for social acceptance and appearance overtake your soul.

     If you will not care for the living things and growing things, how will you care for one another?

      What will you say to the Earth, as She lies dying under your feet, I am sorry?

      What will you say to her unborn still nestled in the fertile softness of the birthing cradle?  I am sorry?  What will you tell your children when they ask you, “What is spiritual solitude of a wilderness?”

     One day, maybe humankind will see Her as they  have made Her.  Maybe they will say, “I am sorry” and ask Her for forgiveness, and help in healing Her.

     And She will forgive.  For the Earth Mother and the Spirit that lives in all things, the Great Mother, always forgives.
Illustrations by Amy Jones Babb
Only after the last tree is cut down,

Only after the last river has been polluted

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will mankind realize that money cannot be eaten

Native American Prophecy - Author Unkown

Is this what it is going to take?
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