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The Grandmother Tree
She was the largest Cedar Tree I had ever seen. I asked if I could sit for a while and she said yes. I sat against her back and could feel her strong-ness. I became one with her and felt our roots running deep into Mother Earth like lightning seeking connection, pulling knowledge, moisture and nutrients into ourselves. The nourishment went up into our spines and then into our branches. For some reason I felt these first branches were extremely important, like they held up the rest. That is what I felt - that we were holding the rest of the branches up. That they were resting on our shoulders.

Then our eyes were at the top and we could see the ground below, the lake and that we were the tallest Tree.

     I sat, listening and the base of the trunk began to open into the womb of her being providing a pathway. I journeyed into her and around roots holding Stone People and Crystal People - the Old Ones and settled into her center.   She told me she was Grandmother Cedar. She was the Grandmother Spirit of all the Cedar Trees. She shimmered. She showed me that every species of Bird and creature has been in her branches. She said I was like her, and many would nest in my branches. Some were just transient, some would stay a while. She said I was of the Ancient Grandmother Spirit and I carry those energies with me. She says the time has come for that to happen. That is what she said.
Just for an Hour
Today for an hour, this was my universe. For just an hour, this Leaf was to be my focus. I saw its beginning and end, its essence of seasons, following veins of life and was immersed in color and no color. Just for an hour, this insignificant little Leaf became my world.

     I felt the insect that chewed the holes on my left side and I watched the darkening of the energy of my Leaf body as it was passing through this portal of life, going from a vibrant rose petal texture to a dry blackened crispness. I saw how I was attached to the Tree and still had the life-force within as I was picked up from the Earth. It took five hours for me to expel my final component of life. Darkness began to appear on my surface as the life-force began to leave me.

     I was its own tiny universe and became the life, the energy of it. I knew how it came from the thought world and became matter form, and left the rest of its kind as it fell to the earth before they did. The parent tree holds every one of its children and knows when one falls to the earth for recycling and nourishing Mother Earth.

    I became the veins, moving inside myself and excited in being the only red leaf on a Tree full of green. I anticipated being retrieved from the ground chosen for something special, freely giving myself to participate in a spiritual lesson. I knowingly let go of the branch attached to my parent so I could be found this day and share my world. I knew Chyenne Morning Star would find me and become me for just an hour. But what she didn’t know was that just for an hour, I would become her, too.

     I was a world within a world, ever so small, ever so infinite, ever changing. Today I was the universe of a leaf.  And today the leaf was Chyenne Morning Star. Today I was insignificant and nothing, yet I was everything.

     For just an hour, I lived in wonderment and fascination of a place I was not familiar with. And just for an hour, I knew my appointed time.
Long ago, in 1974, I had scarlet fever three months after the birth of my son. I was in and out of awareness, and on the edge of death, when I had a vision. An old woman, wearing a blue dress and white draping, with white shining hair, appeared in my hospital room and came over to me. She took my hand and opened it and placed a seed within my palm. As she was closing my hand, she said, “Take this seed and plant it. It will grow into a large Tree and blossom and all different kinds of birds will nest in its branches.”  She had an Indian spirit. I was talking to her and told her I would plant the seed. Right after that, a ball of fire appeared in the corner of the room. It was a spinning spiral of fire, like a hurricane of fire and moving, spinning counterclockwise and came roaring toward me.  It hit me, exploding in my chest, broke my fever  and I recovered. I have planted that seed in the spiritual soil of my being. It is growing, ever reaching, growing, toward spiritual perfection. And the Light and the Love of the Mother is ever watching, protecting, encouraging and blessing it.
If you are stressed, or ill, take the time and sit under a Tree. A Tree has an incredible amount of life force and just sitting in its energy field will make you feel better.  Trees are the closest thing to us in their energy  - their luminosity - than any other plant or animal creature being.
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