Today, I wish I had  a pair of gossamer wings with eyes on the edges, full of seeing and beauty.  Id dance with invisible things transported about by the Wind, with no care, free of all material things.

Though my life would be but a day, O what a wonderful day it would be. Going here and there inspecting things up close. The freedom to lay on the petals of Flowers, drink from Buttercups and wander through the rooms of small Tree-houses. Or maybe I would fly all day with my beautiful wings, spending my life cycle into total exhaustion before I died.  And then I would lay down on the Earth Mother and release my Spirit, only to find another pair of wings made of ethereal gossamer light.

     And I would remember that on a certain day I tasted the River water, sunning on the Stone People. I would remember the things I saw and heard as the Tree people talked to each other and the smell of Mother Earth in the springtime. I would remember feeling the petals and leaves of my Flower sisters with my tiny legs, and how the Wind carried me along secret passageways, into a realm where these things cannot be touched with physical bodies. And when I am on the Earth for my one day, I  will miss those things of the Spirit. And when I change into Spirit, I will miss the things of the earthly realm I could touch with my senses.  Perhaps that is why we have life cycles, so we can appreciate all things living in both realms. And maybe our longing for each realm keeps the cycles going, propelling us from one to the other.

     O how I wish I had wings today. To fly away. And come back to start over again. O let me have gossamer wings of Light that stay with me always. Let them carry me gracefully through life and beyond. And let them carry me near and far. Into heavens and stars and new universes. Let them expand and become my senses of the Spirit to know those things in invisible realms. For I long for both my homes though they are one. Let these gossamer wings take me where I need to be and where I desire to see. Let them be strong and beautiful. And filled with the enlightenment of joy and truth and love. Let them be the aura around me. Let them be healing, forgiving and compassionate. Let them take me into their folding and give me peaceful sleep in their protection. May I abide in their silken light, may they hide me or expose me. May I be thankful for all they symbolize and represent.

     O yes, today let me fly and stretch my wings of Light.

     How beautiful they are against the darkness.
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One night as I stood outside under the lamplight, a white luna moth began to fly around me and landed on my chest. She would then fly again, then land again. This continued for several minutes. It was just a magical experience. This white luna moth against the darkness of the night. The gentleness of the wings fluttering against my skin.