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The Coming Changes
Environmental Changes
This is their story, too, and they and their families are affected as are all living things.  The Eagle family has lived in this area for many, many years. They call it home, just as we call this area home.  When I first came here, I would go to the River and sit on winter mornings. One morning, I counted 37 Eagles in the Trees on the cliff touching the River.  Now I am honored just to see two. Last year, two adult Eagles raised their family in a Pine Tree around the lake.  These remarkable photos of the adult female and male feeding their children, were taken by a young woman named Jessica Hall.

Both the female and male Eagle take equal responsibility for raising their babies.  They look and act alike, except the female may be somewhat larger. They hunt and build the nest together, and bond for life.  They are wonderful parents and considered by the Native American as the most Sacred.

Recently, they have been taken off the endangered species list. It is my belief that the reason this was done was so that the gas and oil companies could drill where ever they wanted without the Endangered Species Act hindering them. 
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How to Live in Peace and Harmony
When you live in perfect peace and harmony with yourself and our Mother the Earth, all things around you reflect that balance.

An old Webster's dictionary defines peace as an undisturbed state of mind, serenity, and calm. It is also defined as exemption from hostility, non-agression, and non-combative.  Harmony is defined as agreement in feeling, action and a combination of orderly parts into a proportionate and orderly whole. It is also defined as oneness, like-mindedness, and balance.

My definition of peace and harmony is respecting and not disturbing another's space. If you want to live in peace and harmony, you must first start by living in peace and harmony with yourself. To live in peace and harmony within ourselves and others means to not harm any thing in thought, emotion, or action. 

The first sound our Creator Mother made, the first vibrations were those of peace and love. In the beginning, that is the vibration all things were born of and created from.  

A thought life that is an  expression of love creates peace and harmony and touches all in its flow.

On February 27, 2010 a magnitude 8.8 earthquake shook the Earth so much it knocked Her 3 inches off Her axis and changed time. 

This is what I am seeing. Not only did the quake effect our Mother the Earth in a significant way, the effects were also felt by the planetary family. The vibrations radiated out from the center of the quake into space and has also affected the Planet Beings and their moons, and planets. It has affected the waters, the tides, and all living beings in ways we have not yet seen. The day before the quake, I was walking in the woods, just 'being' and I sat with my back against one of my favorite Pine Trees.  I noticed it was uncannily still. No sounds of anything, no signs of anything moving, not even the wind. Even though I live in Arkansas and the quake was in Chile, all things and beings are so connected that everything knows what is happening in one part of the world from another. The connection I am talking about is consciousness and the Great Stream in which all things flow. It was just so quiet the day before the earthquake, not the kind of quiet one sits and enjoys, but the stillness had an energy of anticipation, caution and warning.  I think this quake is very significant in the changes that are upon us.

My point is this.  Events like this affect us and all beings on all levels.  These events affect the subtle bodies on subtle levels.  After the quake I noticed the behavior of people and some were just going beserk.  This is what I am saying about having a peaceful, stable, and calm mind. These things that are happening affect us on a vibrational level and if we are not centered and our foundations spiritually sound, there are those who are not going to get through the changes that we are now experiencing. All the negative things are being loosened up, shaken out, so to speak.  We, as well as our Mother, the Earth are trying to get somewhere in our consciousness.
The Changes Are Upon Us
Peaceful Mind
I dream of a world of Peace with no weapons of destruction toward the environment or any living thing.  I dream of a world with no slavery, hunger, wars, suffering, or  domination over any living thing, and a world where there is no ignorance and all are enlightened.  A world where all beings live in Peace and Harmony drinking from the same well of Life, all thoughts being of one mind, of one heart, out of the Great Mind. I dream of a world where all live without fear, greed, hatred, jealousy and the desire to destroy. I dream of a world where all will live together as One, without fear of being killed, dominated, raped, or enslaved. I dream of a world where we live in harmony with our Mother the Earth, caretaking, caring, sharing and loving all things.  This world I dream of exists in the Divine Mind. But we must awaken to it in our thoughts, actions and  intent for the well being of every living thing. It is up to us.  It is time for humankind to grow up and take responsibility for creating this world of Peace.